Rotherham’s minimalist send off for Dexter Blackstock says a thousand words

In the end it was just 36 words, but they delivered a message that Rotherham fans have been waiting to hear for some time.

On Wednesday afternoon the Millers released a brief statement, revealing that Dexter Blackstock had left the club by mutual consent.

The minimalist nature of the announcement was a fitting end for Blackstock given his contribution to the club over the last nine months, which was effectively nothing.


The note on the official website read: “Dexter Blackstock has ended his stay with Rotherham United after the club and the player agreed to a mutual termination of his contract.

“The club would like to wish Dexter all the best for the future.”

There were no fanfares here and nor should there have been as Blackstock will almost certainly become the least fondly remembered Millers player of all time, in addition to his tag of the worst signing ever made.

His deficiencies have been laid bare since he joined the club as a free agent last season after the transfer window had shut. Two goals in 17 appearances barely scratch the surface.

He came to the AESSEAL New York Stadium to negotiate his own contract armed with the knowledge that Rotherham’s summer-long pursuit of a striker had been futile and left having made himself the highest paid player in the club’s history.

He negotiated a three-year deal on a wage thought to be around the £10,000-per-week mark. Those figures are enough to make the eyes water, even if Blackstock had produced the goods on the pitch.

Given his disinterested nature and refusal to be the experienced figurehead that the club’s financial outlay demanded of him, just when they needed it the most, it makes the numbers of that deal utterly unpalatable.


His position at the club, especially under Warne’s uber-positive and energetic regime, was clearly untenable and the club decidedly early that they needed him off the wage bill and out of the dressing room.

The decision to negotiate his exit, at some cost, was as wise as the one to give him that deal in September was hairbrained.

The Millers have done some shrewd business so far this summer as they have a crack at bouncing back to the Championship at the first attempt, but this might just be the best of the lot.



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