Does a good pre-season guarantee a promotion challenge?

Rotherham’s pre-season has gone just about as well as anyone could have wished for and they head into the League One campaign in a seemingly strong position.

After a horror year last season, Paul Warne has reshaped his squad, clearing the dead wood out and bringing some exciting young players to the club.

That has quickly translated into success on the pitch, with the Millers winning eight of their nine pre-season games and optimism is high ahead of Saturday’s opening-day trip to Fleetwood.


But does a good pre-season guarantee a promotion campaign? Here’s a look at how the Millers fared in the warm-up to their last five promotion seasons, going back 26 years, and how the season panned out.

Season: 1991/92 (Division Four/Fourth tier)

Manager: Phil Henson

Pre-season results (P5 W2 L3):

22/7/91 Gainsborough (A) W 5-0

27/7/91 Stockport (A) L 1-3

30/7/91 Bridlington (A) L 0-1

07/8/91 Emley (A) W 3-0

10/8/91 Barnsley (H) L 0-3

Position after 10 games: 9th (16pts)

Final league position: 2nd (77pts)

Season: 1999/00 (Division Three/Fourth tier)

Manager: Ronnie Moore

Pre-season results (P4 W1 D1 L2):

20/7/99 Doncaster (A) D 0-0

24/7/99 Everton (H) L 0-1

27/7/99 Emley (A) W 2-0

31/7/99 Sheff Wed (H) L 0-1

Position after 10 games: 5th (17 pts)

Final league position: 2nd (84 pts)

Season: 2000/01 (Division Two/Third tier)

Manager: Ronnie Moore

Pre-season results (P5 W2 D1 L2)

22/7/00 Worthing (A) L 1-2

25/7/00 Worksop Town (A) W 3-1

29/7/00 Barnsley (H) D 1-1

2/7/00 Lincoln City (A) W 2-1

4/8/00 Sheff United (H) L 1-2

Position after 10 games: 11th (14 pts)

Final league position: 2nd (91 pts)

Season: 2012/13 (League Two/Fourth tier)

Manager: Steve Evans

Pre-season results (P7 W5 L2):

14/7/12 Parkgate (A) W 6-0

18/7/12 Oldham (A, Portugal) W 3-1

21/7/12 Barnsley (H W 2-1

24/7/12 Doncaster (H) W 2-1

28/7/12 Hearts (H) L 0-1

31/7/12 Sheff Utd (H) L 0-1

4/8/12 Mansfield (A) W 3-2

Position after 10 games: 10th (15 pts)

Final league position: 2nd (79 pts)

Season: 2013/14 (League One/Third tier)

Pre-season results (P9 W5 D1 L3):

6/7/13: Parkgate (A) W 2-0

9/7/13: Morton (A) D 0-0

10/7/13 Livingston (A) W 2-0

13/713: Ayr Utd (A) W 4-1

16/7/13: Bolton (H) W 2-1

17/7/13 Ilkeston (A) W 4-0

20/7/13 Huddersfield (H) L 0-1

23/7/13 Jul 13 Middlesbrough (H) L 2-3

27/7/13 Barnsley (H) L 2-3

Position after 10 games: 6 (19 pts)

Final league position: 4th (86 pts)

*Data supplied by club historian Garry Bray.



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