Everything you need to know about Rotherham’s pursuit of Kieffer Moore

Rotherham’s pursuit of Kieffer Moore is likely to dominate headlines during the January transfer window.

Here’s everything you need to know about the current state of play.


What is his situation at Ipswich?

Boss Paul Warne believes Ipswich will definitely be selling him. Warne says that the striker has told him he is not going to be involved against Fulham on Tuesday night and that spells bad news for the Millers. If he was to feature for Town, even just for 30 seconds as a late sub, he would be ineligible to play for any other team this season due to Football League rules, which restrict a player playing for three teams in the same season.

How much have Rotherham bid?

The Millers have lodged an offer, which Paul Warne hinted is nearing, if not already, club-record territory.

“We have got a much improved bid, I am led to believe it is one of the best,” he revealed.

How much will the Millers be prepared to spend?

Warne says there is potential to increase the bid but the club won’t break the bank.

He said: “There is room for negotiation, but we will go to what the value is and what we can spend. If someone comes in with crazy money then we are not going to compete.

“If someone offers crazy money they will back that up with crazy wages and I’m not going to have a player on double what the next best is on, I will not have that at this club.”

Who else is in for him?

Warne says at least three other League One clubs are in for him, reported to be Charlton, Peterborough and Scunthorpe. Sources close to the Iron say that they would be unlikely to get involved in a bidding war.

When will it get resolved?

Don’t expect anything to happen quickly. Warne is preparing for a potential saga to develop.

He added: “They will come back to us, in the ideal world if I am not going to get Kieffer I would like to know now.¬†But I have got a funny feeling it will drag on for a few weeks, it’s not just us that know about him.”



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