Guy Branston column: I don’t think the interest in Danny Ward will be the same in the summer but I can’t knock him

Nothing has been going right for us lately and that includes the recent form of Danny Ward.

Danny’s¬†performances haven’t been terrible, he just hasn’t scored. I suppose his goals tally represents the fact he is in a struggling side. He was in form at the start of the year but he isn’t getting the goals at the minute.

Danny is doing a lot of work up there on his own, I don’t think he is a lone striker, I always think he is better up there with someone else. He is taking a lot of flak for the team, I can’t knock him to be honest.

Maybe he has been affected by not being able to leave in January – that’s if he wanted to go of course. We don’t really know what happened, we don’t know how good the offers were and if he even wanted to go.

We know the club will extend his contract before the end of the season and they¬†won’t want to sell him unless it’s really good money.

I don’t think the interest will be the same at the end of the season as it was in January, that’s the time where people are desperate. Lots of strikers start the season well and then will be sold in January.

But if he can regain his form in front of goal and get another five and end up on 15 goals then that will have been a massive achievement in a struggling side.

He can be a major force in League One next season and a year there could do wonders.

He will want to have to stay at the club and have the right attitude.

Even if he wants to leave he cannot walk around with the hump. Clubs are not going to take a punt on someone who is moping around in League One, but that is not Danny Ward, that’s not his attitude and that is not what he is about.

I think he will enjoy League One next season, you need people like Danny Ward around, he has the right attitude, is a top worker and will score goals.

I am delighted to see that Carlton Morris is finally due at the club.

I was buzzing when we signed him. I watched him at Hamilton and I have seen him for Norwich under-23s and spoke to Warney about him.

He is someone who can hold the ball up, is strong, quick and can play off the shoulder but can also give the centre-half a tough time. We’ve not had someone who can get hold of it because the ball has always gone over the top.

It can really benefit the club and it can benefit the kid because he can test himself. I don’t think we have got anyone like him in the building.

I think he is worth the wait, I was really positive about him signing for us.

Just finally, it was nice to catch up with a few familiar faces after last Saturday’s game as I went out with Sedgy, Andy Monkhouse and Polly.

We had a nice meal, plenty of drinks and just spoke about the old times. Then we finished and went for a kebab. It was just like the old days!

Up the Millers!

*Guy Branston played over 100 times for Rotherham between 1999-2004 and again in 2011. He is an FA approved agent, qualified coach and owner of



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