Guy Branston column: Ronnie tore us to pieces watching the video of a hammering but the problem was it was on Betamax!

It was tough seeing the result at Cardiff last week and the players will have been hurting.

But getting a spanking like that is one of those situations which you have to deal with in a positive light because if you don’t you can carve yourself to pieces for three or four days. Unfortunately, it wasn’t good enough, but what are you going to do about it? That’s what you have to ask yourself.

You have to look at it from an individual point of view and ask yourself what went wrong, how can I do better and try and learn from it as much as possible. That’s everyone, from the experienced guys like Richard Wood to the kids like Jerry Yates.

I have been involved in hammerings before, but if you react positively they can provide a turning point and there’s one notable example of that from my time at the Millers.

In our second promotion season under Ronnie, we got thumped 6-1 at Cambridge.

It was a shocking game. We went into the game thinking we could get something but they had some good strikers and they could put the ball away. We gave them a lot of chances for some reason and we got our bums felt.

Ronnie hauled us in the next day and we had to watch the video of that game. I always remember it because he tore us to pieces. It was always seen as a negative thing when you watched the game back but we used it as an opportunity.

That gave us a kick up the backside to sustain a run that went on to put us near the top around Christmas time and we kicked on from there. The rest is history.

The problem Ronnie had is that it was on Betamax and it took so long to wind on and rewind that we went through it and it took ages! It was painful viewing but was a catalyst for us.

Hopefully, we can use last week as a positive at Brentford on Saturday.

The away from has been shocking, but we have to go with belief and also a bit of realism.

We haven’t got the best team in this league because of the budgets we are coming up against. We are not a side who will ever challenge in the Championship, we are one that battles relegation.

That is where, as a group of fans we get carried away. Sometimes we are going to go away and get battered because these are the teams that we are coming up against.

Football has never ever been your friend as a player, you have to make it your friend, you have to try and put a performance in. Hopefully we do that on Saturday.

Up the Millers!

*Guy Branston played over 100 times for Rotherham between 1999-2004 and again in 2011. He is an FA approved agent, qualified coach and owner of



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