Guy Branston column: ‘Semi Ajayi could be the main man in League One, Rotherham should try and keep him’

I was impressed with Semi Ajayi’s performance against Blackburn.

He has been on my radar for quite a while. We spoke about taking him when I was at Notts County and we thought he could have done well for us in League One.

He’s got good attributes but he’s just raw. With a bit of work and coaching, it could really benefit him.

I see him improving over the rest of the season in the Championship and there are plenty of positives in his game.

He just needs basic one-on-one stuff. I mean the ball coming into him, clearing the ball, heading into good areas, clipping balls into good areas because he kicked it out a lot on Saturday.

I saw he got likened to Brian Wilsterman. No way, I am not having that. Wilsterman was a man on his own. He was an amazing character, an amazing man, but you can’t compare the two.

Brian was Brian, he was good in League Two, a big physical unit, a good athlete, but technically all over the shop.

Ajayi isn’t, he has potential, he just needs to tweak his game a little. He can train on his own to improve his own defensive game. I would love to work with him, I think he will evolve into a very good centre-half.

In League One he would be the main man. He is very good positionally, pace-wise, he has got a lot of attributes, I think we should be looking to keep him 100 per cent.

Conceding two late goals over the last two home games was a tough blow, but typical of what happens in seasons like this.

This season has been horrendous, there have not been many ups. But there is positivity around the club that they are now trying to do it right and the fans are getting behind it which is fantastic.

Up the Millers!

*Guy Branston played over 100 times for Rotherham between 1999-2004 and again in 2011. He is an FA approved agent, qualified coach and owner of



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