Guy Branston column: ‘There were times when we went out on the booze and he would turn up to training and look a million dollars’

I was recently voted as Burton and Notts County’s worst ever player in a poll and I had to chuckle.

I’m happy they have remembered me to be honest. I have had a good career, every club could not have worked out, it’s impossible. You can’t have the number of moves I had and expect every one to work out.

I take it with light and that people remembered me, it’s quite nice to be honest.

But it got me thinking about who the best player I played with at Rotherham was.


Alan Lee was probably the most gifted as an out-and-out footballer.

He was an unbelievable athlete, which I am a big believer in, he was 6ft 3in, had unbelievable running capacity and he had a great attitude in the dressing room.

He mixed very well, on and off the pitch he was a character, he drank like a fish and could get up in a morning and train like Ronaldo.

If it wasn’t for certain injuries when he had these big moves, he would have played at a higher level.

He had an unbelievable engine, I have never seen anyone run like him over 400 metres.

I knew I could put it down the line and I knew he would chase it. If my left foot was working on par, I knew I would find him on the diagonal or down the flank.

He would break the line, his 400m capacity was something off the scale.

I grew up with Alan, he was a year older than me. I knew him as a 15-year-old when he was brought over from Ireland.


So I played against him when we were younger and we used to have battles. He was so good that when I used to get one over on him, I knew I was going the right way.

He was a machine back then. I knew all about him as a player and I was delighted when he came to Rotherham, I knew exactly what type of player we were signing.

He missed a few chances when he first arrived but you could see he was a good lad and was good in training, everyone bought into him and we had good lads back then.

There were times when we went out on the booze and he would turn up to training and look a million dollars, scoring hat-tricks.

That’s when we used to drink on a Monday night, train on a Tuesday, drink on a Tuesday, have Wednesday off and train on Thursday.

When I say Alan drank, Alan drank. He was hardcore, with the likes of Talbot, Marvin Bryan, Andy Monkhouse, they were big drinkers.


So to get up in a morning and train like he did and only get sent home a couple of times because he was too drunk to put his shorts on was next level.

We used to go back to his house at the Brecks. We were young lads, we used to go back there, there were parties, there was booze, there were birds. It was brilliant!

It was an unbelievable time, it makes me smile just thinking about it.

Up the Millers!

*Guy Branston played over 100 times for Rotherham between 1999-2004 and again in 2011. He is an FA approved agent, qualified coach and owner of



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