Guy Branston column: ‘Rotherham have a great selling point, why not go and get good League One players that you know are going to do a job for next season’

It’s been a frustrating transfer window so far for Rotherham.

Obviously they are trying to recruit top players, but knowing which players to get is the easy part, it’s achieving them which is the hard part.

If he is a good player there will be four or five clubs after him. The January transfer window is a tough one because you are either fighting for something or fighting against something. We are fighting against relegation.

The club have a decision to make in the final few days. They have got to either stick their necks out and go, ‘Right, this is what we are going to do to keep us up’ or say, ‘It is inevitable what is going to happen’. I don’t want us to do that but if we are not getting players in there is a reason.

My recruitment plan would be getting people in with an eye on next season but with the quality that has a Championship potential.

I would look for players of a young nature who would only benefit from playing in the Championship now to make them better players next season in League One if we go down.

Taste of Championship football

I would give players a taste of the Championship and say next season, ‘Now you’re in League One go and get back in the Championship’. I would go for those sort of players. Look for players doing well in League One who want to play in the Championship and would want to kick on next season because that is what Rotherham’s aim should be.

We don’t want lads who can’t get in Championship teams. Why not go and get good League One players that you know are going to do a job for next season that are good enough to step into the Championship?

They are easy to identify. If you are going to go for the top League One talent, give them a taste of the Championship, give them an opportunity and see if they are good enough.

That gives them a different mentality next season if they are back in League One because they have been in a higher division and want to get back there. That mentality is something that a lot of these players never feel.

Rotherham have a great selling point, if they can give them a taste of the Championship and then they have a two-year deal with the incentive to get back there. That is what I would be selling Rotherham as.

They are a club that are going in the right direction, in terms of being stable.

Up the Millers!

*Guy Branston played over 100 times for Rotherham between 1999-2004 and again in 2011. He is an FA approved agent, qualified and coach and owner of



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