How many miles will Rotherham fans have to travel next season and which is the month with the longest distance?

Following the release of the 2018-19 fixtures, Rotherham can start planning their travels for another season.

The Championship is a largely northern and midlands league this term, which will please many fans, though there are still some long trips to contend with.


Here, we take a look at the mileage Millers fans will have to put in this season if they are to make every away game.

Total distance

If you’re a diehard and will go to all 23 away games in the league, you will rack up 4,866 miles (providing you travel by car!).

Longest distance

Rotherham’s longest away trip is their penultimate one in April, when they make a first league trip to the Liberty Stadium since 2006. They will have to do a round-trip of 470 miles – 235 each way.

Shortest distance

A short trip down the Parkway makes the 10-mile visit to Bramall Lane in March the shortest away visit.

What is the worst month for travelling?

Get ready to rack up the hours in the freezing cold miserable month of February, as the Millers will have to do 858 miles of travelling. They visit Millwall (374), Hull (124) and Reading (360). December is another bad month as visits to Norwich, Sheffield Wednesday, Bolton and Bristol City in the space of 29 days. April is another 800-mile-plus month, with visits to Stoke, Swansea and West Brom.

What is the best month for travelling?

Three games at home in November means that the visit to Blackburn is the only game on the road, where the Millers will clock 168 miles.

Is there a horror run of away games?

Yes. The Millers have a run of four out of five away games where they have to travel over 360 miles on a return journey. They head to Bristol City, Ipswich, Millwall, Hull and Reading over December, January and February.

MonthDistance to travel
August394 miles
September426 miles
October564 miles
November168 miles
December852 miles
January360 miles
February858 miles
March436 miles
April 808 miles



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