Lewis Price v Richard O’Donnell: Who has performed better according to the stats?

Rotherham’s horrific struggles this season have not been helped by being robbed of’ goalkeeper Lee Camp due to injury.

The Millers have missed Camp’s shot-saving ability and presence behind the back four as replacements Lewis Price and Richard O’Donnell, who have also suffered with injuries, have both struggled  at various times.

With Camp set to leave the club in the summer and both Price and O’Donnell under contract next season, it looks like being a shootout between those two for the number one shirt in League One next year.

But, based on their stats this season, who should get the nod? Here’s an in-depth look at their respective performances.

Goals against

Lewis Price has conceded 29 goals in his 14 league appearances at an average of 1.93 per game or one every 42 minutes.

Richard O’Donnell has let in 18 in just seven games, averaging 2.57 a game. His net has bulged on average every 35 minutes.

Who’s done better: Price

Total saves

Price has made 42 saves from 71 shots faced, on average making 2.8 per game. He has only saved 59 per cent of shots he has faced, though.

O’Donnell has been busier, saving 24 of the 39 shots that have come his way. That averages out at 3.4 a game, keeping out 61 per cent of shots.

Who’s done better: O’Donnell


Errors leading to goals

Price has cost the Millers four goals from a direct error. They were in games against Burton (h), Brentford (a), Brighton (h) and QPR (a).

The opposition have directly benefited from one O’Donnell error, coming in his debut at Newcastle.

This is based purely on stats from data provider Opta and can be defined as a mistake, such as mishandling a shot, that leads directly to a goal.

There have been several goals that are open to subjectivity regarding the culpability of the goalkeepers that are not included here. For example, questions were asked over O’Donnell’s failure to come for the ball in the six-yard box in the build-up to goals for Blackburn and Huddersfield, while Price has attracted criticism for conceding goals from weak shots, such as against Aston Villa and Brentford.

Who’s done better: O’Donnell


Price has been fairly commanding of his area and has made 19 claims in his 14 games, not including punches.

O’Donnell, as mentioned above, has been less dominant in his own six-yard box and made just four in seven games.

Who’s done better: Price

Facing penalties

Only Camp has made more penalty saves than Price this season as he has kept out two from six in the league, with another in the FA Cup for good measure.

O’Donnell has faced just one, at Nottingham Forest, which was scored.

Who’s done better: Price



One of Price’s major weaknesses has been his distribution, with one game late last year seeing him almost exclusively kick it out.

O’Donnell has been far more assured with his kicking, both from back passes and dead balls.

Who’s done better: O’Donnell

Average rating

The ultimate judging tool on Football Manager so the obvious place to finish. These ratings are formed by Opta using a “comprehensive statistical algorithm using over 200 raw statistics”. We’ll leave the maths to them, but it’s out of 10.

Price: 6.26

O’Donnell: 5.99

Who’s done better: Price



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