Paul Warne reacts to Rotherham’s last-minute winner over Ipswich

Rotherham manager Paul Warne said his side delivered a perfect response by beating Ipswich with a late goal.

The Millers’ season got off to a horrible start last weekend when they were hammered 5-1 at Brentford, but they opened their home campaign with a win, courtesy of Michael Smith’s 90th-minute strike.

Warne made just one change to the side that started at Griffin Park last week and he is pleased he kept faith.

“To call it a tough game is polite, the lads rode the first half, we were better second half,” he said.

“To get a win any way which way, I’ll take it.

“People would expect us to make wholesale changes, I don’t manage like that, you’ve got to trust people and they have earned the trust.

“We asked the lads to go out and play to keep the shirt and after last week deserved a crack. I am really pleased with the response.

“In the first half we were outplayed and struggled and we played the shape in the second half and put Vas out wide on the left and I always think there is a chance we are going to score.

“It was very pleasing to score that late goal.”



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