The strikers Rotherham have and haven’t bid for so far this summer

Rotherham boss Paul Warne believes Accrington are pricing striker Kayden Jackson out of the market.

The Millers were one of a number of clubs to bid for the 24-year-old, but were knocked back by Stanley who are wanting more money.

Warne will keep monitoring the situation ahead of the transfer window shutting in August and reckons there may be life in a potential deal yet.


He said: “It’s odd getting bids turned down, the game has gone a little bit crazy at the moment.

“I spoke to a manager this morning, who is having similar problems to me. It just seems at everything is inflated.

“I did want to get another striker in, that would be not imperative but useful. I have got four good strikers, but I would like another and Kayden Jackson is one who is on everyone’s list.

“I’m not being disrespectful to Accrington, it’s been well documented that loads of people have put bids in, but at the moment the price tags on some of the players are too inflated.


“We will see what happens in the next couple of weeks, possibly if they don’t get want they want they will look at different figures.”

Jackson is one of a number of players Warne has bid on this summer, with Barnsley’s Tom Bradshaw another.

Bradshaw was a target for the Millers in 2016, when he had a medical booked in at the AESSEAL New York Stadium before the deal was gazumped at the last minute by Reds.

That is a deal that will not happen, though, says Warne, who expects Bradshaw to join a Championship rival.


“We enquired about Tom Bradshaw,” he said. “There doesn’t seem to be any exciting conversations coming from them so I presume it’s dead. I am led to believe he is joining either Millwall or Ipswich.”

Right at the start of the summer, the Millers were linked with a bid for Kieffer Moore, with reports suggested they were ready to pay £1million for their former loanee.

However, Warne dismissed the speculation outright.

“I have not bid once for Kieffer Moore,” he said. “I have spoke to him about someone else, but I have not spoken to him about coming back, so that is definitely not true.

“If they wanted a million quid and I had a million quid…I love Kieffer, I really do, he is a brilliant bloke, but I can sincerely say that I have not bid for him.”




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