What has Rochdale boss Keith Hill said about Rotherham now?

Keith Hill has again criticised Rotherham, this time claiming they were play acting in their 1-0 win at Rochdale on Saturday.

The Millers registered their second away victory of the season at Spotland as Richard Wood became the first player in 523 minutes to score against Dale.

The hosts deployed a cynical, niggling style, determined to break up the game with regular fouls. They gave away 20 free-kicks, with referee David Coote overlooking just as many, and picked up four yellow cards.


Yet Hill accused Coote of falling for some gamesmanship.

“It’s difficult for the referee because within a side that’s quite physical, there’s a lot of play acting as well, and that’s where the referee has got to try and work it out,” he said after the game.

“You would look at the stats and say we’re probably more physical because we’ve got a higher yellow card count and we probably had a higher foul count, but I think if you were to sum it up and actually look through it, I think more than 40 per cent of the free-kicks that we gave away were play acting from the opponents.


“Is it sportsmanship or gamesmanship? I’m OK with it being gamesmanship, but what I don’t expect is the referee not to see it as gamesmanship.

“The referee should be able to see through it a little bit more and I think he got more than a few calls wrong, because he was falling for the players’ gamesmanship rather than sportsmanship.”

Hill has a long history of criticising the South Yorkshire club. In 2007 he questioned whether the Millers should have been allowed to flex their financial muscles in League Two having twice been in administration and then two years later slated them for the state of their Don Valley Stadium pitch after a U2 concert had been held there.



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