Why Rotherham boss Paul Warne will be taking a calculator to Austria

It will not only be running shoes Rotherham boss Paul Warne will be packing for the pre-season trip to Austria.

The Millers depart for Vienna on Sunday where Warne will hope the foundations of a successful season will be laid, as they were 12 months ago.

But it will not only be hill runs and team bonding on the agenda on the continent as the boss also plans to plot out exactly how his team are going to survive in the Championship – and for that he might need a calculator.


It takes a strong person to look down the Millers’ fixture list without any hint of trepidation, but Warne intends to dissect it and set a points target.

Last season, he wanted his team to hit an average of 1.6 points per game, something they ended up comfortably achieving, finishing on 1.7.

He will make significant adjustments to that target this season as a relegation fight seems more likely than a promotion battle.

As a reference, the average points per game needed to stay up in the last 10 years of the Championship is 0.98, while the last five times the Millers have stayed in the division they have done so having averaged 0.89 points per game.


Warne said: “When we go to pre-season in Austria, we are going to talk to the lads, tell them where we are going to aim for, attack certain games and try and aim for an average points system.

“Last year we aimed for 1.6 a game and every five games if the lads hit a tally they got an extra day off.

“Obviously we are going to adjust the points and expectations a little bit but I am not going to put a ceiling on anyone’s expectations, we could be the best team in the league, you just don’t know.

“We are all about positivity, we are going to get them fit and strong and then really send them out to enjoy themselves.”

The Millers have confirmed their opposition for the week-long stay in the Alps, with friendlies against SKU Amstetten and SV Wiener Neustadt penned in.



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