Paul Warne discusses the loan window and how it will help Rotherham

Rotherham boss Paul Warne is preparing to do his transfer business in the loan window.

While the Millers are looking to bring in at least one permanent signing before Thursday’s transfer window shuts, they do have the cushion of the loan window remaining open until the end of the month.

Warne’s pursuit of a midfielder is well-documented, with links to Northampton’s Matt Crooks and Wycombe’s Dom Gape, but it may be that he gets his man after Thursday.


“One of them might be after the window shuts, there hasn’t been loads of movement really,” Warne said.

“I think a lot of loan movements will start happening when the window shuts, a lot of Premier League clubs will start shuffling their players out and everything starts to move.

“Luckily the loan window doesn’t shut until the end of the month and after the first three or four games it will be more apparent what we are lacking.

“It might be over the next few weeks, ‘I am missing something there’, and if that is the case then I have got the chairman’s support to do what I like.”


Due to the loan window running until the end of the month Thursday only represents a ‘soft’ transfer deadline day, meaning players can be signed on a loan deal that will become permanent in January.

Warne says he is open to such moves but will do whatever he needs for his squad.

“I don’t know what I’m missing yet until I know,” he added.

“If I am missing unbelievable pace out wide and I can get a winger on loan from Chelsea that can help me out and play a part then great, but if I can get another one from another club that I like and I can buy at a reasonable price then I wouldn’t say no to that.

“I prefer not to have too many loans but it is a good system for a club our size. Loans can improve your team you just have to make sure you get the right one.”



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